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  This article is a story, and as such, is probably written in a first-person point-of-view.

This article was written by Shoby4

The Story

I was at the shack that leads down to the Hill Giants recently, when a player came up to me and asked me how to get in. I told him that you need a Brass key to get in and that he could easily get one from the Grand Exchange. He, however, had other ideas. He told me, "U passed the 1st test and u know how 2 get in. Now u got 2 pass the 2nd test." I could easily tell that this was a scam. I said to him, "Who do you work for?" And his reply was, "The Rs keys comp. of course!" I didn't believe him, but asked him what the second test was. His reply was, "U got 2 give me ur key so i can tell its not a fake." What do you do in this kind of situation? Report for scamming, of course. I told him I reported him and then he said that he was sorry. He went away in the direction of the Grand Exchange. I do wonder what became of him...