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  This article is a story, and as such, is probably written in a first-person point-of-view.

This article was written by Shoby4

The Story

I was out for a stroll one day in Varrock, and I decided to visit the castle. Towards the eastern wall, there was a level 7 player who was fighting an imp. Bored, I decided to watch this match. The player had been hitting constant 0s and the imp was hitting 1s. The player obviously had had some food in their bag, as he muched on it and restored his health. But it wasn't enough! The imp had a lucky streak and kept on hitting 1s! It eventually slayed the adventurer, and he was sent back to Lumbridge. Alas for him!

Part 2

Later I saw this same adventurer (with only a wooden shield and bronze sword this time) wandering around Lumbridge. He must have recognised me from earlier, because he asked for a passage to Varrock. I took him there and he said that he wanted to go to the castle. I guessed that he probably wanted revenge. He saw an imp again and he fought it. The imp wasn't so lucky this time, however, as it lost to him. I paid the adventurer 1,000 coins for his victory (I have money in spades, to the noob low-levelled player it was lots).