RuneScape Stories Wiki

The RuneScape Stories Wiki is a wiki where players of RuneScape can get together and discuss and submit funny things that they have seen on RuneScape, copyright of Jagex Ltd. 1999-2011. We are not affiliated with Jagex Ltd. in any way.

What this Wiki is

  • This Wiki is a place where players of RuneScape can come and share their stories and experiences from RuneScape (humourous, exceptional or out-of-the-ordinary stories can be made into story articles; regular experiences can be posted on your personal blog page, which can be accessed from your user page).
  • A collection and collaboration of stories from many people, that anyone can edit.

What this Wiki isn't

  • This Wiki is not affiliated with Jagex Ltd., and isn't a subsidiary or agent of Jagex Ltd.
  • A place where people can gather and poke fun of Jagex Ltd. This place is meant for sharing your tales of RuneScape, not to insult it or Jagex Ltd.
  • A place where people can gather and insult other people, whether they play RuneScape or not, whether they are deceased or living.
  • A place where normal experiences can be made into articles. They can go on your blog (please don't spam about on your blog).

Other rules

  • Please don't edit someone else's article and change it completely. It is okay though to change spelling, grammar or sentence structure if it is incorrect.


This Wiki was created by Shoby4 on the 8th of August, 2009. You can contact him on his talk page if you need help.