RuneScape Stories Wiki

Here is a list of rules below. At this wiki, we abide by these rules. Do NOT break them, or else fear the power of bannage!

  1. Keep it PG: You can add stories with a bit of a hidden message, but no outright swearing or sexual references. If you do add a hidden message, please add the "Partlyoffensive" template under the "Stories" template.
  2. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS!: Okay, so someone might be a bit weird, but DO NOT INSULT THEM!!! If you need to add someone's name to your article, just have it as Example1.
  3. Proper spellinz, plz!: Try to use proper spelling and grammar. This cannot always be helped, but please try do your best. You won't face banning for this one. If someone on RS actually spells this way, it's fine; remember to not name names!
  4. Have fun!: Keep your ears out for some funny stuff!
  5. Vandalism will not be tolerated: If you vandalise this Wikia and sabotage other people's hard work, you will be banned and your vandalism undone.