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  This article is a story, and as such, is probably written in a first-person point-of-view.

This article was written by Shoby4

The Story

One day, I was walking past Barbarian Village and there were two people near the North end of it (around the back of the Longhall). One was fighting a unicorn that was wandering past and the other was shouting, "You're cursed! You're cursed! You can't play normally now!" The other player inquired as to what the person was saying and he replied, "In Harry Potter it says you're cursed if you kill a unicorn!" The player that was fighting it, who had now beaten the horse with a horn, replied "Well that's in Harry Potter. This is RuneScape."

I was wondering at the time if I should have reported the player for advertising, just for fun, but decide against it. This one could slip.